Be Bike Friendly

Bicycle Friendly Foundation Course
2 Hours - Under Development

Target Audience: The target audiences for this course are: Cycling Advocates, Elected Officials, Civil Engineers, City Planners, Landscape Architects, Economic Development personnel, Transportation personnel, Enforcement Officers, School Officials and Business Owners.

Prerequisites: None.  This foundation course is the required prerequisite for for all Bike Friendly tracks.

Course Outline:

Introduction: 15 Minutes

What is Bike Friendly?
What is a Bike Facility Professional (BFP) and why become one?
Why be Bike Friendly?

The Basics: 45 Minutes

The Essentials: An explanation of the areas that are used to evaluate communities.
Engineering and Planning
Bike Friendly Programs

The How: 30 Minutes

Bike Friendly foundation elements

Bicycle Laws: 15 Minutes

National Vehicle Code and Basic Bicycle Law

Bike Friendly Professional Certification Tracks:  15 Minutes

Bike Friendly Supporter
Bike Friendly Officer
Bike Facility Professional

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